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Lilly Cares Program – FREE insulin (restrictions apply)

How can this program help me? Lilly Cares provides free Lilly medications for patients who meet program eligibility requirements. To
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Sanofi Savings

Sanofi Rx Savings Program

To learn more or to apply, click here. If you are taking more than one insulin manufactured by Sanofi you
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Sanofi PCP

Sanofi Patient Connection® – FREE insulin (restrictions apply)

Connecting eligible patients to medication at no cost. To apply or to learn more, click here. Sanofi Patient Connection® can
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Cornerstones4Care® Rx Cost Savings Program

See savings card offers below. To apply or to learn more, click here. See Fiasp® Important Safety Information > View
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NovoCare® Patient Assistance Program – FREE insulin (restrictions apply)

Patients who are approved for the PAP may qualify to receive free diabetes medicine from Novo Nordisk. There is no
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Who are DiaGuides® and How do They Help?

DiaGuides® come in all of shapes of degrees and sizes of licenses. The most popular are Endocrinologists (MD/DO), Certified Diabetes
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Insulin resistant alpha cells lead to glucagon excess in type 2 diabetes

Written by Mike Watts | People who have type 2 diabetes not only lack the right amount of insulin
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Smart Contact 1

Scientists Created Smart Contacts That Can Monitor and Treat Diabetes

by Keum, et al., ScienceAdvances Patients can now use voice commands with smart contacts to release medicine...[more]
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MN Affordability

Governor Walz of Minnesota Signs Insulin Affordability Bill

Gov. Tim Walz was joined virtually by advocates for affordable insulin and legislators as he signed the long-awaited Alec Smith
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‘There is no relief’: Diabetic coronavirus patient shares his experience

Justin Wilhite, a type 1 diabetic with COVID-19, shares his experience battling the virus including how his body feels after
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