Sweetness Sugar Tester – Digital Brix Meter Refractometer Fruit Sugar Tester (Model: ZMSZ-J)


Package includes:

1 x Digital refractometer (batteries Not included)

2 x Glasses cloth

1 x Waterproof rubber pad

1 x Phillips screwdriver

2 x Dropper

4 x Cross recessed pan head tapping screws M1.9*5

1 x User manual

Demographic Focus

Gestational | T1D | T2D | MODY | Prediabetes | LADA | T3D | Insipidus | Double | Brittle | Secondary

Age Focus

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  • This instrument uses optical principles to professionally measure the sugar content in water samples, food, fruits, and crops.
  • It is widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, agriculture, and agricultural food processing industry.
  • The instrument has the advantages of simple and fast operation, small size, light weight, easy to carry, etc., and is convenient for use on the spot.
  • No moving parts, high sensitivity and wide dynamic linear range.
  • The amount of sample and reagent is small, and the analysis speed is fast.
  • Battery-powered, low power consumption, automatic shutdown function for 2 minutes of no operation.
  • Automatic temperature compensation function.
  • Operation mode conversion: refractive index / sugar content.


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