Diabetes Awareness Circle – Framed


Download your FREE Diabetics United Diabetes Awareness circle and start showing your support today!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Awareness Day is every November 14th.

Demographic Focus

T3D | Secondary | Brittle | Double | Insipidus | LADA | Prediabetes | MODY | T2D | T1D | Gestational

Age Focus

Adult | Juvenile | Pediatric

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Download your FREE Diabetics United Diabetes Awareness circle to add to any social media profile. Use a free picture editor, such as Canva or other photo editors, and apply the transparent circle image around a picture of your choice. Use the following steps in Canva to show your support in bringing awareness to diabetes and the world's need to find a cure:

  1. Download Diabetics United Diabetes Awareness Circle from Diabetics United's Marketplace.
  2. Download Canva or other picture editor of your choice.
  3. Upload Diabetics United Diabetes Awareness Circle to photo editor.
  4. Upload your profile picture to the photo editor.
  5. Choose what social media or custom size image style needed.
  6. Select your profile picture from the uploaded media folder.
  7. Select add button to add Diabetics United Awareness Circle and overlay.
  8. Adjust circle around your profile picture and save image.
  9. Upload the profile image to your social media accounts.
  10. Spread the word and bring awareness!


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