Tandem AutoSoft 90 Infusion Set 9mm x 23″ t:lock 10ct – Grey


The most popular, all-in-one, infusion set. The 90 degree soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are quick and easy. Even in the hard to reach areas!

Please note that Tandem’s t:lock infusion sets are only compatible with cartridges that feature the t:lock locking mechanism. These cannot be connected to other cartridges.

The t:lock Connector was designed based on customer feedback related to the process of filling the infusion sets with insulin. This new design reduces the time required to fill the infusion sets and lowers the amount of insulin used in the fill process by 4.4 unites. It looks and functions in a very similar way to the original Luer-lock connector.

Demographic Focus

T1D | Gestational | T2D | MODY | Prediabetes | LADA | T3D | Insipidus | Double | Brittle | Secondary

Age Focus

Pediatric | Juvenile | Adult

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AutoSoft 90 Infusion Set Features:

  • t:lock Luer-Lock Connectors make the insulin filling process faster.
  • Lowers time required to fill infusion set by 30 seconds.
  • Lowers the amount of insulin used in the fill process by 4.4 units.
  • 90° flexible soft cannula.
  • Automatic insertion.
  • Large grip areas on the connector to make disconnection easier.
  • Reversible connector makes reconnection simple.
  • Transparent window at insertion point.
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 9mm x 23"
  • MPN: 1002819
  • Contains 10 Tandem Diabetes AutoSoft 90 Infusion Set 9mm x 23" t:lock - Grey.

Physician Order: This item requires a physician order, please provide your physician's information during checkout. At this time we are unable to ship this product to North Dakota.


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