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Creative Ways to Show Your Love for Those Around You

Just saying ‘I love you’ is so passé during the Valentine season. We’re all about showing our love to our family and friends, but at Diabetics United, we believe this can be done creatively. Showing your passion uniquely and unexpectedly is a great way to introduce spontaneity and zest for life into your every day. But it’s also critical in uplifting those around you that suffer from chronic conditions or depression. Here, we share some easy ways to communicate your appreciation, affection and fondness for loved ones.

Anticipate Their Needs

Everyone loves feeling heard and understood, especially without articulating said needs and feelings. If you have loved ones that have a chronic physical or mental condition, then this one will be particularly relevant. Understand your person’s situation, and then see how you can be of service in small moments throughout the day. For example, is your loved one diabetic? If they haven’t eaten for a while, offer them snacks to bring down their blood sugar. Does your loved one suffer from social anxiety? If you’ve been out with people for many hours, perhaps suggest a small ‘social break’ to allow them to rest and recuperate. Showing up in these ways is a great way to show your appreciation, love, and respect for those around you.

Practice Active Listening

Have you ever been in the middle of retelling a personal experience or story, and you can tell the other person isn’t really listening? Phoning it in can be seen as disheartening and invalidating for the person on the other end, so practice active listening instead. According to Harvard Business Review, a good listener pays attention to the other person to understand them (instead of just hearing). To encourage communication, try affirming your loved one’s stories and prompt them to tell you more. This can be a magical gift for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Give It to Them Straight

And by this we mean – don’t sugarcoat the critical stuff. Being a ‘yes man’ is needed at times, but you won’t serve your loved ones for the more significant life decisions. For example, if your loved one needs to make a substantial lifestyle change, like cutting back on an addiction – you should be present enough in their lives to let them know they need help. You may also have senior loved ones resisting the care they need, in which case you should be sure to talk to them about their condition. Help them research their options and let them know you will be there for emotional support – whether they need to move to assisted living or a skilled nursing home. Sharing these hard truths can be challenging for you, but it is one of the most solid ways to show your love.

Write Them a Love Letter

Richly Rooted reports that love letter writing is a long-forgotten art form. Writing a letter to a close family member or friend demonstrates that you’re taking the time and energy to demonstrate your fondness. The experience also feels more special than sending a short text. When crafting your letter, don’t forget to write things you appreciate about them to show off your love. If you’re struggling to get those writing juices flowing, check out this handy list of letter writing prompts by Journal Buddies. And why not get (extra) creative with it? Add stickers, little drawings, or even candy to your letter to show your friends and family a little more love.

You are so lucky to be surrounded by those you care so deeply about. After all, to love is the greatest gift of all! Be sure to show off your love in these unique and creative ways to uplift all those around you.

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